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Providing Hope and Restoring Health with Natural, Effective Solutions

Our Practice

Richard Rutledge, D.O. is a board certified osteopathic and family practice physician with over 28 years of experience. He received further training in prolotherapy through the Hackett-Hemwall Foundation, associated with the University of Wisconsin, school of Medicine which included service in Honduras as part of the training program in March 2012. Several patients with neck, back, shoulder, knee, hip, hand, ankle and, foot problems have benefited from prolotherapy treatments from Dr. Rutledge.

​​​​​As an Osteopathic Physician, Dr. Rutledge endeavors with each patient from a holistic perspective by combining effective treatments such as prolotherapy and osteopathic medicine (OMT). "Prolotherapy," also known as non-surgical ligament reconstruction helps to strengthen weak joints, ligaments and tendons as a way to regenerate tissue, enhance function, reduce pain, and even provide an alternative treatment before having to resort to surgery. In addition, Dr. Rutledge focuses on an integrative and functional approach to medicine in order to address the underlying causes of disease and promote the self-healing mechanisms of each patient.

If you are suffering from chronic neck, back, shoulder, knee pain, or other joint, ligament, or tendon disorder, and would like to explore other available options than medications or surgery, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rutledge by calling 714-375-7835

Our Mission

The mission of Healing Hands Osteopathic Medical Clinic is to enable each patient to achieve and maintain the highest quality of life, by promoting health, well-being, and wholeness to each patient through incorporating high quality professional and ethical principles and applying  evidenced based integrative regenerative therapies,  effective osteopathic treatments, and supportive patient education.

Dr. Rutledge and his staff strive to provide the same support, communication, training, and services to each individual that they would want for themselves from an ideal provider and clinic by:

•  Working for the benefit of the patient through a direct doctor-patient relationship which emphasizes trust,              respect, confidentiality, and compassion, rather than a financial relationship with an employer or an insurance        company
•  Providing our patients with friendly, high quality, effective and affordable healthcare, through up-to-date                 evidence based approaches to healing and wellness
•  Maintaining a high standard of professionalism and privacy of sensitive patient information
•  Providing safe and sustainable promotion of health for our patients and treatment of disease through                      awareness, education, training and maintaining preventative measures
•  Fostering hope, encouragement, healing of mind, body and spirit and non-dependency on harmful habits,               substance abuse and addictive medications
•  Empowering patients to take control of their well being through individual and group education

•  ​Open-schedule availability by phone or online
•  Minimal waiting time
•  Easy accessibility and ample parking for patients that may have physical limitations
•  Physician accessible 7 days per week. 24-hour physician on call

Professional and Optimal Healing Environment

​•  Relationship-centered care — Dr. Rutledge will get to know you, the patient, and develop a trusting relationship.

•  Healing environment — A warm welcoming office that helps you feel safe and comfortable.

• Self-care — Dr. Rutledge sets an example of good health. He models good stress management and health promoting practices including exercise, lifestyle and spiritual wholeness — i.e. "walk the talk."

• Intention and awareness — Dr. Rutledge commits to being fully present with the patient by focusing on understanding the problem, listening to the patient and working towards a solution together.

• Holism — Dr. Rutledge performs a complete evaluation with the patient related to the primary concern. He views the problem using the multiple Models and the underlying Osteopathic Foundations and Principles.

• Understanding the inter-relationship of body-mind-soul-spirit — Dr. Rutledge project past merely solving the problem to setting up a proactive plan for wholeness and total healing.

• Collaborative Care — Dr. Rutledge works with the patient as a team along with other important collaborative resources including psychological, spiritual, social support, and other modalities of treatment to create an effective plan of action.​

• Maintain confidentiality —  Honor the privacy needs of the patient.

​Dr. Rutledge is committed to providing cost effective care that allows relaxed, unhurried, high-quality interactions and healing encounters with every patient.