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​Have you tried "everything" but nothing seems to help?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you may be a candidate for prolotherapy.

• Toe, foot, or heel
• Ankle or knee
• Pelvis sacrum or hip
• Sciatica or back
• Scapula or shoulder
• Neck
• Jaw or TMJ
• Elbow, wrist, thumb, finger, or hand
• Rib

• ​Do your joints have symptoms of swelling, pain, burning, tenderness, clicking, popping, grinding, catching, or giving way?

• Do you experience any numbness, tingling, aching, weakness of the joints, buckling of the legs or bulging, protruding, herniated or degenerating disc problems?

• Have repeated Chiropractic adjustments failed to fix your problem? Do you have to return for the same problem and get only temporary relief?

• Are you finding that going to a physical therapist does not improve your joint or back function and/or the pain is the same or worse?

• You're seeing a massage therapist for muscular relief and relaxation but you are still having pain in your joint or back?

• Are you seeing a doctor for pain management or are you taking pain medicine but it is not helping?

• Do you take supplements for pain in your joints or back but without any relief?

• Have you been fitted with custom orthotics but still having problems with your feet?

• Have you had an injury to any of the areas listed below? Or, do you have arthritis or a reduction in function (mobility, flexibility, and strength) or ongoing pain in these areas:

The following questions will help you decide if prolotherapy could benefit you. If you answer yes to any one or more of them, please feel free to contact Dr. Rutledge to set up a consultation. 

• Do you have pain in a joint or in the back which has continued for 3 or more months after an injury or any chronic joint pain and dysfunction regardless of the cause?

• Are you experience any limitations in movement or a general problems with movement such as loss of the ability to bend, to stretch, to twist, to reach, to push, or to pull?

• Have you experienced loss of activities of daily living or other activities, such as sports?

• Do you experience any loss of activity due to musculoskeletal issues?

• Have you noticed that your joints do not move the way they used to?

• Have you ever been told that you need to have a cortisone injection or surgery for your back or joints? Were you ever advised to obtain a pain block or other pharmaceutical injections, a joint replacement, synovial fluid injection, a fusion, or arthroscopic surgery?

• Have you been diagnosed with degeneration of a ligament, tendon, or cartilage in any of your joints, neck or back?​​​

Are You a Candidate for Prolotherapy?