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​​Osteopathic Medicine understands the integral relationship of structure and function and of the body’s self-healing mechanisms and facilitates healing through hands-on diagnostic and treatment approaches.

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​​​Functional-Integrative Medicine makes use of appropriate therapeutic approaches and evidence-based modalities to achieve optimal health and healing.



​Healing Hands Osteopathic Medical Clinic applies the concepts of Osteopathic Principles and Practice

in order to promote health for the whole person.

Our approach combines "hands-on" diagnosis and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments (OMT)

together with Prolotherapy and Functional-Integrative Medicine.

​Rejuvenate your body—move more freely and feel younger with more energy.

Dr. Rutledge can help you address the root cause of your body’s dysfunction –

not merely your symptoms.​

​Prolotherapy is a non-surgical treatment which stimulates the body to heal and strengthen the injured area, to reduce pain and to promote stability  and function.


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