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Patient Benefits

​​•  You will be provided Highly Effective, Innovative Therapies that are likely to result in relief of pain, restoration       in function and minimal side effects

​​•  You are more in control of your Health decisions. Cash Based Practice with a Broader Choice of options for          effective treatment. You will be provided affordable treatment at a fraction of the cost of most conventional        therapies.

​​•  You will receive enhanced sensitivity regarding issues of privacy.

​​•  You will have the option to go back to a more traditional or conventional form of treatment at any time.

​​•  You will be informed ahead of time of the options and the risks, the benefits and the adverse effects, and will have the option to receive an estimate of the costs prior to treatment. You will receive treatments that normally result in minimal adverse effects; Unlike their surgical counterparts, Such treatments attempt to avoid "burning bridges," and do not result in loss of body parts.

​​•  You will experience a Friendly, caring staff, and an unhurried approach without the need to make pressured        or rash decisions.

​​•  You will receive the care and attention of a well-trained, experienced physician who has a broad base of                medical knowledge gained from over 28 years of clinical experience.

​​•  You will have access to patient education and empowerment to gain effective health habits that will enhance      lifestyle and sustained youthfulness.

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